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Ginsters is a company based in Callington in Cornwall, in the south-west of England. The biggest selling pasty maker in the UK, it specialises in making mass-produced pasties, sausage rolls, sandwiches, pasta bowls and other savoury snacks. Since 1977, it has been owned by Mark and David Samworth.

A former warehouse operative shares his dreadful experience on, "Long hours, short breaks, everyone's miserable at Ginsters. No cooperation between anyone, overworked. No/very little interaction with management, no recognition, no thank yous for overtime, overtime pay is atrocious. No communication between anyone, no help from anyone even if you ask. Not a very nice place to work at all."


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Van sales supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Manager gave zero support to me throughout my whole time . Assistant manager sat me down embarrassingly infront of other staff asking personal and private questions. Zero support through a very challenging time in my life."

Axiom belt operative (Former Employee) says

"You've got a few people who work there who are ok then you've got the ones who have been there years very clickie infact I would say bullys but the management on 4 nights dispatch turn a blind to it sometimes they even join in pathetic don't work for this company low quality low standards"

Van Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"I got spoken to like I was something I was stood in - the hours are ridiculously long for the pay received, if worked out on an hourly rate I would have probably been on lower than minimum wage. On a typical day we needed to be on site for 4.30am to load our vans and set off at 6am. Multiple drop offs roughly between 30 - 40 stops per day and not getting back to the yard till after 4pm.ColleaguesEverything else"

Warehouse Operative (Current Employee) says

"Long hours, short breaks, everyone's miserable, no cooperation between anyone, overworked. No/very little interaction with management, no recognition, no thank yous for overtime, overtime pay is atrocious. No communication between anyone, no help from anyone even if you ask. Not a very nice place to work at all."

machien operator (Former Employee) says

"not a nice company to work for high turnover of people long hours boss are mean it can be very hustle to work in always under lot of pressernonelong hours and fast pace"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Did this job for 7 years and saw the place fall apart. When i left in 2017 it was falling apart at the seams. Just don't bother. It'll drain you happiness and make you miserable."

Warehouse Operative (Current Employee) says

"Management are terrible.... if your face don't fit they don't treat you fairly... back stabbers- li f shifts and no hob security at all. .. if you speak out about things going on then they make life difficult for younoneeverything"

Van Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"ex employee with more than 10 years as a van sales rep. Early starts and long days mean you will be pretty much on your own, You will see your teammates but will be rushing that much that you will hardly speak. Your home life will suffer. Company only recognises christmas and new years day, all other bank holidays are normal working days Pay was based on basic plus commission, i left when the commission went from being payed on your sales to the depot sales being pooled and all getting an equal share. In effect, there was no incentive left. No matter how much i put in i couldn't increase my pay which defeats the whole object of commission. There was a decent package in place then, not sure if it still is, including a pension, death in service, private medical insurance and vouchers for length of service. I found there to be a top down blame culture which peaked when we were harangued at a meeting because the results of the yearly staff survey were not what the company wanted. Individuals were described as "negative"" militant" and "anti ginsters" Stock shortages will be deducted from your wages, this can include stock you don't receive if its not reported by the supervisor/manager in the correct time frame. For me the best part of the job was visiting the customers who were, for the most part, lovely friendly people. I stayed as long as i did because i had a young family and year on year my sales and pay increased to a peak of over £35k. When i left it had fallen to £23k but as the area manager and head of H.R said "Its a fairer system"customerslong hours, few weekends off, work all bank holidays"

Engineering shift Manager (Former Employee) says

"I found the shop floor works very friendly and good to work with. My team of engineers was the best team you could have to rely on. Down side was that the managers never really work together as a team, and I found that they just kept generating new goals every month. Just to make it look like they were doing something. Just to find next month you had another target, and last months target has been forgotten about. Meaning you have wasted a lot of time on a job that did not require doing.Fantastic team enviromentdisorganised departments, them and us mentallity"

Restaurant Manager (Former Employee) says

"too many chiefs in control and not enough people actually working to get productive results. café has now been tendered out and all old staff have left"

Despatch oprative (Former Employee) says

"I was going through a bad time in my life and was told the manager didn't care as long as work was completed on time slow progression and not good pay till you have a permanent contract but very nice co workers I will miss all of themMeet cool peopleLong hours average pay"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"After the initial period of training 3 weeks was left to do the new role and no further training was offered. They changed my role part way through and no training.Good locationPoor managment"

sale executive (Former Employee) says

"get up at 3:30amstart work at 4:30amvisit clientsfind new buisnes and canveres where possibleand finish at 4:30pm"

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"I currently work as a van sales representative. Each morning we carry out walk around check of our vehicle's reporting any problems and changing vehicles if necessary. Each morning we work in small teams to load our vans as through trial and error we found this works faster for the business and for us personally enabling us to get on the road faster. We use the handheld terminals on a daily basis taking orders from our customers-shop outlets. Ordering products and ensuring availability to keep up with customer demands. My job role included me driving a box van to shop outlets and selling food products to our customers. This involved me building up good customer relations in turn meaning I found out the customer needs and demands.I use a handheld terminal to take orders so the following day I can load my van with the relevant stock. When delivering the products I carry out stock rotation when stocking the fridges. Although I enjoy the nature of the job I find the long hours and rest days separate hard to fit in ton my family lifestyle."

kitchen assistant (Former Employee) says

"the role i had a ginsters was very hands on you never had anytime to just stand their and do nothing you were always busy doing something and the shop had constant orders. i learned that i needed to constantly make sure what i was doing was correct."

Warehouse Operative/FLT Driver (Current Employee) says

"Not all its cracked up to be cold working conditions and long hours. the staff are sometimes the only thing that keeps you going. They do have a good rate of pay after you work your nut off to get to it but due to today's price rises your always going to want more. they have a good private health care scheme and sick pay benefits. in the department i'm in you get two 30 min breaks (unpaid) over 10 hours of work. pretty bleak in my opinionAlright pay, some good benefitsLong hours, staff"

Packing Department Operator (Former Employee) says

"I am only filling this in as the website will not allow me to continue otherwise. The scores above were deliberatly down the middle as I am not participating in this enforced review."

Van Sales Rep (Current Employee) says

"Starting at 4.30am, I would load the van and check that the stock is correct before leaving the depot. This is the one time i will have a bit of banter with my colleagues as will not see each other til the end of the day. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we have management come in to give us an update of the business and how our sales and wastage are doing for that particular week. This can be very effective knowing where you journey stands and gives you an opportunity to adjust accordingly i.e which calls to put more stock into, to increase sales and identify your problem calls which is causing you wastage. Using our handheld pcs, it tells what calls you will be serving on that day. Driving to each call and on average around 200miles per day, I would greet each customer and using our pcs(which has the history of each customer on it) and common sense, i would decide what stock is needed for that particular call. The best part of the job is your are your own boss, no interference from management. The hardest part is getting yourself out of bed at 3.30am 6 days a week and not having alot of downtime, when the job is finished at the end of the day, as im currently working 65 hour weeks.great pension schemelong and unsociable hours"

Former Employee - Van Sales Representative says

"Looooong days/hours. Extremely poor management, no compassion and branch manager was creepy and unprofessional would be more suited to the 1950s"

Former Contractor - Agency Worker says

"Forget about fair play . Any complaint from an employee and you are immediately found guilty regardless of evidence . Complete disregard for Company Policy , ACAS Code 1 and Agency Workers Regulations because they know the law will not protect you ."

Current Employee - Operator says

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